Sunday, January 5, 2014

UFOs- the good and the bad...

The good news is that my UFOs, WIPs and NESYs (Not Even Started Yet) only take up one shelf in my bookcase.

The bad news is that means I have 4 shelves of fabric that I bought for no specific reason. Other than I liked it and thought it would made a great quilt, so I guess that counts for something, right?

Here's my WIPs.

Started this on Dec 26th for this Valentine's Day. Used fabric in stash and bought the magazine a-la PDF style- how great are PDFs for instant gratification?

Just need to make this into a little 10x12 hanging thingie in time for V Day.

My hexies used to be my 'to go' project but my 15yo doesn't need me waiting around for him anymore.  So now that I have finished the hand quilting I was doing in front the TV, I'll start working on these. Got enough Lakehouse fabric to make a queen size quilt out of these.

Snowball quilt for my 15yo. Started collecting texty-style prints when Hometown was first released. Picked this up again after it was in exile for a while.
Not so many, right?

Now the UFOs of various ages-


Fat Quarter Stars QAL blocks. Finally decided on sashings and then put it away as some other project was calling me. Might need to buy some more fabric for the sashings, but then again, I could just choose a different print from my stash.
6,7 and 8 / Waiting to be quilted and bound.

A single bed sized Christmas quilt from the Layer Cake QAL.
Simple charm quilt made to practice my FMQ.
Another of Konda's QAL.

A freebie wall hanging, circa 2010, possibly earlier. 
Not too many again, hey?

And now, the biggest list.

My NESY projects, already kitted and ready to go, and then some other prospective project caught my attention.

Wall hanging for front foyer.  With a massive pile of Fig Tree fabric obsessively carefully purchased to choose from. Not shown here.  They're all variations of these colours. Really need to start this as I need to replace the Christmas wallhanging currently hanging in the foyer.



Missed finishing this in time for Christmas 2013.  2014 is looking good for its premiere.



Bed runner for the 15yo's bed. Purchased when he was 13.

Wall hanging for my bedroom.

Bought enough of this fabric to make this runner 10 or so times over.

Got lots of this fabric too! Well, we can always use matching cushion covers, can't we?


And matching pillow cases for my new bed quilt, too!
Non-quilty sewing

Can't make up my mind what to make first, but if I don't hurry up, summer will be over.

Another 'Classmate', this time for a friend.

 Just waiting for some different Nicey Jane to arrive for contrasting ruffle, sleeves and tie belt. Couldn't decide which one to chose, so bought 2 different prints so I can compare in the flesh. Plus Kay Whitt's new jacket pattern plus some heavier decorator fabric to make it in. Couldn't waste the extra space left in the envelope, could I?

So that's it. Apart from 4 shelves of fabric. And two baskets of patterns that just need to find their partners in the fabric pile. 

Guess I'd better go and look at everyone else's WIPs so that I can feel better about my lot!


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suemac said...

I too have a lot of fabric ready to be made into a specific project. So far all I have done is work on Catvent blocks with some rainbow charm packs and some solid scraps. Need to get the move on.