Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A peek at my bed

to see my new quilt!

I used Mary's instructions for  Framed Rectangles to make these blocks and then used lots of strips for the border on all three sides.

'scuse the floor, we haven't decided on new coverings.  It has Amy Butler Decorator fabric (so its thicker  and warmer), wool batting, flannelette backing and is really cosy.  It needs  more quilting, which I'll do by hand in Spring when I replace the quilt with a lighter weight one, yet to be made, but kitted up and waiting to be sewn. I made matching pillow cases by using one I already had as a template and so they have a flap inside that secures the case from slipping off.

Stay tuned for some cross stitching finishes- after a love/hate relationship with our family computer, I'm finally back online, and currently loving the computer cos its working again!

Happy Stitching!


Silverlotus said...

Wow! Your quilt is absolutely lovely. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Great work on the quilt, it really is lovely!