Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quilty and Stitchy Finishes.

Yes, I've been missing- summer holidays have finally ended and high school has started for Nicholas!

Then there was that little problem with computer which resulted in a system restore- after much hair pulling and swear word muttering to myself, it's finally up and running again. Sigh, computers drive me nuts.

First up, for your viewing pleasure is my Valentine's finish-

It's by Carol of istitchaholic

And although I finished stitching it the day before Valentine's Day, it didn't quite get finished in time. Oh well, it will be for next year!

Here's the quilt I've just finished making for Nicholas. It's made from batik fabric and will fit a queen size bed- not that he's in one yet, but as he's already taller then me, I think his next bed will be queen size. I painted his bedroom during the summer holidays, and am now doing the soft furnishings. As his bedroom is quite big, he has a feature wall of blue/green with the other walls being white. Very fresh and crisp. Just the thing for a teenager. And he can take his quilt with him when he leaves home in about oh, 20 years or so!

Just waiting on the backing to arrive.  As Nicholas is a swimmer, I picked this quilt to represent waves and blues to reflect the colour of water. 

Here's some blocks from the Layer-Cake-Quilt-Along-2010  Three more blocks to go, I think!

I'll have two different quilts, a pretty one for me, and my very first ever, Christmas quilt!

And finally some hexagons that I've been making while Nicholas swims (3-5 times a week).

Only 95 more to go!

Now I'm off to catch up on some blog reading!

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Blu said...

What a lovely Valentine finish! The pink and red is so cute!

I'm so envious of that quilt! It looks so awesome! And the blocks are very colourful.