Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do I really have that much floss?

When your guesses started coming in, I thought 'they're a bit high, I don't have THAT much floss'.

But then I started thinking about it- bad idea- and I realised that with 6 boxes, each one capable of holding around 100 flosses, I surely did have that much floss!

So how much floss do I have?

Well, I have 669- so that makes Missy of Eat Stitch Love the winner with her guess of 661! Congratulations Missy, I'll email you shortly. Thank you to everyone who played along, I hope you have fun!

Happy Stitching!


Missy said...

Happy Dancing!!! Thank you so much. And yes you have a lot of Floss!! But then again when is it ever too much? :)


Andie said...

Lol I', too scared to count mine :D Congrats Missy! Thanks Pauline for the fun competition!

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Congratulations Missy! And thank you very much Pauline for offering this giveaway. It really was fun to count up the floss, and to look at the wonderful rainbow of colour! I never realize how much I have either (and am also scared, truthfully, to count it would probably equal a little less than your stash) and can never resist buying more :) They're so pretty! And there are always so many patterns one wants to start... ;)

Kim said...

I told you estimation wasn't my strong point, I was out a few hundred! Congrats Missy.