Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm one happy mama!

Nicholas starts high school next year- year 8.  So, the letter to advise what class he will be in, arrives today.

I've got my contact lenses in, so I can't read it too well.  Blah blah blah, class 8.7, blah blah blah, sub school, blah blah blah, gifted, blah blah blah blah, accelerated learning-blah blah blah.  WHAT?

Hold up- what is this saying?  He'll be in the gifted class and have accelerated learning in Maths, English, Science and Society & Environment? Oh my goodness!  I don't believe it! I know he's smart, but he's never been tested for any giftedness.  He wants to learn, he wants to make an effort. But because he's a good student he gets put among students who don't want to be at school, who are disruptive and rude to the  teacher behind the teacher's back.  Do teachers put better behaved students with disputive ones  in the hope that some of their enthusiasm will rub off on them?

Anyway I tell him to ring Steve and read the letter to him.  I speak to Steve briefly afterwards. At home tonight, Steve tells me he was so proud he almost started crying at work!

So, Nicholas will be in a class of likeminded students, who want to be there, want to make the effort, want to learn. 

Here he is on graduation day for year seven. He's here with his best friend, who is on the left. Nicholas gave a speech at the graduation ceremony which was actually funny in places and well as reflective in others. I was so proud. 

This is the best Christmas present I could ever want.


Cristina said...

I do congratulate him on having all his efforts rewarded and likewise I congratulate the parents who gave him the best of environment to have goals in life.
I'm a Secundary teacher of English in Portugal and I know how these students are a "race in extinction". You have all the reasons to be very proud.

Bette said...

Congratulations to Nicholas on his wonderful achievments.

Silverlotus said...

Congratulations. That is so wonderful. Best of luck to him in the new school year.

Andie said...

That is awesome news! Congratulations to Nicholas for the effort and enthusiasm he obviously continues to put into his work :D

Kim said...

Wow, that's fantastic! I agree that it seems the good kids are put in with the "less good" ones to even things up a bit, and it's unfair to the good ones! My son is also in a gifted program at his school, and just took out an academic effort award. Your son will thrive.

Jan said...

Oh Pauline, this is truly wonderful news! You must be bursting with pride, for good reason!! Happy Dancing with you!

Have a most merry Christmas!!!

PamKittyMorning said...

That's great news, congrats to your son! Merry Christmas!