Friday, October 1, 2010

Kangaroo or Koalas? Which one do you want?

Yep, that's right-These fellas need a new home

so I'm giving away a Kangaroo and two Koalas-

They're cross stitch kits of course! 

Here's the Kangaroo Kit-

The Koala Kit

And a Koala and Kangaroo bookmark kit.

Leave a comment and I'll draw 3 names on Monday 4th October, lunchtime South Australian time.


nutmegg said...

I love all three so I'll leave it up to you if I'm lucky enough to have my name drawn....thank you.

SilkLover said...

I love the colors in the 1st one - Kangaroo kit. Thank you!

Billie said...

I would love to sign up for the Kangaroo kit

Blu said...

They're all amazing! Please put me down for any one of them~