Monday, October 4, 2010

Giveaway Winners!

Okay, here's how we'll work it. Seeing as there were only 4 entrants for 3 prizes I'll award them in order of the time the comment was made.

So, Nutmeg, if you email me (email in blogger profile) and let me know which one you want and your postal address, I'll get that one off to you.

SilkLover - please wait to see if Nutmeg wants the kangaroo. If she doesn't, then SilkLover the kangaroo is yours. If Nutmeg wants the kangaroo, do you want one of the koalas?

Billie- the kangaroo will either be taken by Nutmeg or Silklover. Do you want the koala that is left over?

Blu, if the kangaroo people don't want a koala, you can have one!

Once Nutmeg emails me, I'll know what's still remaining and let everyone know!

Edited to add-  Nutmegg wil take the kangaroo kit, so SilkLover, do you want a koala, and if so, which one? Please email me with your choice and postal address!

Edited further to add Okay Billie- do you want a koala? If so, let me know your choice with your postal address!  Blu, there's a koala for you!  Email me again your address as that will be quicker than me trying to find it in my emails.

1 comment:

SilkLover said...

Sorry to respond this way, but the way Windows 7 was installed on my computer in our last upgrade doesn't allow me to get to your email address. Since the Kangaroo is taken, I'll pass and let the last 2 commenters have the other 2. Thank you! This is the first time I have won a giveaway!