Monday, August 30, 2010

Missing in action? Hibernating during winter? Just plain lazy?

Well, it's a little of all that, tied up with harsh words to myself of   'I won't update my blog until...

1/ I've sent those emails that are long overdue...

2/ got something nice to say...

3/ gotten over the mistakes I found in charts from 2 different designers that gave me a lot of grief trying to work out what I was doing wrong, when all the time it was the charts that had errors. (These weren't freebies, but real fair dinkum, all paid for charts, as I don't expect freebies to be error proof but do expect paid charts to be model stitched by someone and the pic on the front of one chart didn't have the errors showing and the other wasn't model stitched)...

4/ taken pics of my work and downloaded them from the camera...

5/ felt like posting them with some commentary which meant doing some digging about the details...'

So, I guess you can say that I'm all caught up, gotten over, moved on, let go, snapped pics, and feeling very chatty today!

Whilst I have been stitching, I've also been quilting, which is lovely to do in this freezing cold weather (bring on Spring and stop this rain, wind and cold temps!)  Here's what I've been up to-

Moda Beach House fabric in the big ole quilt I made for a lounge (and it sure is warm and snuggly underneath it, when I'm having a little bit of a snooze during the day)

Made from Moda Beach House plus Sandy's Solids, a table runner for our coffee table (it's rolled up, I'm not sure why I rolled it before taking the pic)

My first stitched Easter piece ever!  Freebie from Plum Street Samplers 

A gift for my  fabulous friend (it's a hexagonal bowl which is very difficult to photograph) Quaker Basket  from Needleprint with some modifications to the assembly instructions.

And another of My favorite kitten pinkeep from primitivebettys and a small hexagon quilted 'thingy'.

That's the highlights of 6 month's stitching.  Of course with a focus on quilting comes a focus on fabric buying. I won't be showing the fabric I've bought (just in case  Steve  someone's reading that doesn't need to know just exactly what I've been doing while I'm home all day long).

Happy Stitching!