Friday, August 21, 2009

Stash, glorious stash, I can't wait to show you! And my WIPs too!

A while ago I posted that I received gift vouchers from my dear american friend for my birthday, and posted the Vikki Clayton silks that I bought using the HDF gift voucher. The other gift voucher was for Needle in a Haystack, so here's the stash I bought-

 13th Colony Bay Part 1, 2 & 3
By The Bay Neddleart

Home of a Needle Worker (Too!) by Little House Needlworks,
Reward of Merit by Blackbird Designs
Yesterday-Today by The Sunflower Seed

 Sampler & Antique Needlework magazine
Kelmscott Designs Thread Rings

Remember Me Stitching Pocket by MIdsummer Night Designs
My Favorite Kitten Pinkeep by primitivebettys

JCS Ornament Preview Issues from 2007 & 2008
Thank you Jeannette, I had such fun shopping for these goodies!  Quite a bit there to keep me going for a loooong time. Ireally don't know which one to do  first, but the Kitten pinkeep is kinda calling to me.
I've also been supporting the economy by pitching in and doing a little shopping too. Here's some things I've bought recently-
Angel in my pocket by Midsummer Night Designs
For my friend by Sheepish Designs
Blooms for Annabelle by Bloom Creek
Objects of Desire by Moda fabric
Nigella by Amy Butler
Amy Butler Sophia Carry- all

Strips 'n Bits by Bloom Creek
Beach House by Blackbird Designs from Moda fabrics
And now for my WIPs. I have managed to knit  quite a bit of the dog's rug, so soon he'll have no reason to be jumping onto the lounge to sit on mine.  I have had to put my Mary Wigham aside as I have two project due soon, plus I haven't even started my Christmas stitching - yikes!
SALexandre for Alison's birthday in November
And my friend who is getting married at the end of October chose LHN Always and Forever as one of her favourites. I purchased the silks that the model was stitched with but they are way darker than I expected so I chose some Vikki Clayton  HDF from my stash instead. I also purchaesd some 30ct Weeks Dye Works, but the weave is too open for my liking for this project so I substituted with some 28ct cream evenweave. I'm modifying the design to include their names at the top.
Well, it's good to be back online, after a gazillion updates when we got back online - yes, Acer did a factory restore- so there went all the programmes loaded, updates downloaded and settings changed. Still, Steve saved my pics, docs and pdfs, so he was able to transfer them from an external hard drive, and somehow he managed to save all my website favourites, but lost his...quietly snickering as its usually my stuff that disappears

And Blogger, you are driving me crazy! I can only load pics using   First my followers disappear and then reappear. Now this.  I wonder what wordpress is like...

Happy Stitching!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Finally, we are back online!

I didn't realise how much I use my computer to connect to other stitchers.

Not having one for so many weeks made me realise how much I rely on the Internet to stay in touch with other people. Most of whom I haven't ever met in person, but amazingly, feel connected to, via the Internet.

The Internet, I now see, keeps me from becoming lonely.

Thank you Internet and all my lovely Internet friends!