Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TUSAL and a finish!

I've missed posting my TUSAL so many times, that I am embarrassed. Totally Useless SAL is such a fun stitch-a-long, and easy to participate, so don't let my laziness put you off joining!

Here's November's contribution- I've been frogging a lot lately!

And here's my finish. I have been frantically stitching this piece for Terry Lousie (Tazzy on 123), in between my Christmas stitching. It's by Jill Oxton, and is a Waratah, which is New South Wales's state floral emblem. This will go into a quilt that Terry Louise is making for the survivors of the Victorian Bushfires earlier this year (I think its going in a fundraising quilt- but my memory evades me). As pretty as it is, I hated stitching it because the chart is one of her earlier hand drawn ones, and lots of the symbols looked the same. Even though I highlighted the chart as I worked it, I still kept finding myself out of count at different parts. Similar symbols and similar colours- not my favourite!

Blogger, what's with the Picasa album now? Talk about 'confuse me'!  (Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I can't find spell check in draft mode- my spelling is okay, but my typing is not so good)

Happy Stitching everyone!

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Karen said...

Great progess this month on your TUSAL. Lovely finish!