Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TUSAL and a finish!

I've missed posting my TUSAL so many times, that I am embarrassed. Totally Useless SAL is such a fun stitch-a-long, and easy to participate, so don't let my laziness put you off joining!

Here's November's contribution- I've been frogging a lot lately!

And here's my finish. I have been frantically stitching this piece for Terry Lousie (Tazzy on 123), in between my Christmas stitching. It's by Jill Oxton, and is a Waratah, which is New South Wales's state floral emblem. This will go into a quilt that Terry Louise is making for the survivors of the Victorian Bushfires earlier this year (I think its going in a fundraising quilt- but my memory evades me). As pretty as it is, I hated stitching it because the chart is one of her earlier hand drawn ones, and lots of the symbols looked the same. Even though I highlighted the chart as I worked it, I still kept finding myself out of count at different parts. Similar symbols and similar colours- not my favourite!

Blogger, what's with the Picasa album now? Talk about 'confuse me'!  (Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I can't find spell check in draft mode- my spelling is okay, but my typing is not so good)

Happy Stitching everyone!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am scared of finishing my stitching but I still buy stash!

I love stitching- don't get me wrong. But what is it about finishing off a piece that makes me drag my feet? I procrastinate every time. I leave it to the very last moment to turn my stitching into a finished piece.

It could be the thought of ruining a piece that I've enjoyed stitching, maybe cutting the excess fabric away to much (hence my bulky seams). Could be the thought that my vision of the finished piece and it's reality will be completely different.

Now that I think about it (seeing something written helps me sort things out) I'm thinking it's my fear of cutting away too much of the fabric.

Take my Victorian Bushfire ornament finishes for example. They were due last Tuesday. Last Tuesday I hadn't even started finishing them off, well, I had finished Daffcat's reindeers but not the others. I had to rush through making them into ornaments and increased the chance of making a mistake! I mailed them Wednesday, so hopefully Nise received them Friday, but more likely on Monday. Only a week late, the shame, the shame.

Here they are anyway!

I stitched also some non-Christmas ornaments for those who don't celebrate Christmas.

Circle of love by Lizzie*Kate
Home is wherever my family gathers by Moi

And here is my beautiful son standing in front of Tira and Michael's family and friends, reading the poem they had chosen. I was so proud of him, he spoke clearly and confidently!

Some stash arrived too-sorry about the pic, it's too hot outsdie so had to take it inside in the dark with the curtains drawn

It's A TimeTo Reap by Plum Pudding NeedleArt. I love this design because it's a creative way to make something out of needlework, the design goes all the way around in sections, and it comes with the stem, wool and leaves to finish it off (now how did THAT get through customs?)

I also bought PS Blackwork Angels, but I'm gonna stitch them in pink! I won't blind your eyes by posting the pic I took of that chart lol!

Does the making part of finishing scare you? If it does, what part makes you procrastinate? If it doesn't, what is your secret to not worrying about 'spoiling' a piece (apart from having it professionally finished!)?