Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Progress pics

Here's Mary Wigham so far! I'm really enjoying stitching her, as I can move onto another part if I need a break from the part I'm stitching.

Now, here's my work on Alison's present- I think I lost something in the translation, cos, as you can see from this pic, it's not really large enough to hold a pair of scissors. I thought it was stitched over 1, but maybe not.

So, I've started again, stitching over 2. This looks much better, as I'll be able to store all the goodies inside, like needles, scissors, floss tag, and maybe some counting needles and other stitchy stuff.

I know its TUSAL time, but I haven't taken my pic yet.

Sadly, our computer is going off to the manufacturer for warranty work- the DVD thing is dodgy. I don't use it, but apparently it is useful and so Steve wants it replaced. I'm really scared that all my stuff is going to go 'poof' as the manufacturer has been insisting we do a restore back to factory settings before they'll do anything. Steve has resisted, knowing that all the stuff like favourites will disappear and they take ages to find again. In the meantime, I'm transferring all my freebies, family pics etc to our external hard drive. Acer have told Steve that they might lose all our stuff when they replace the optical reader- I interpret this as being -they'll do a factory restore to start with and go from there.

I wanted to buy some fabric online, guess I'll have to go to the library to do so. And I need to email anyone who might be expecting to contact me by email in the next 2 weeks or so... Oh, how I hate computers when they don't work.


Anonymous said...

Mary's looking good! And I love the scissor keep, have this pattern in my maybe one day folder! BTW, have managed to put your photo on the Aussie SAL site, and will do a tutorial on adding a photo in webshots, Frou

Karen said...

Love the scissor pocket you are stitching...very pretty design. Love your Mary Wigham. I have resisted the urge to start this one, but am enjoying seeing everyone else's.

Deb said...

I love the designs you have chosen to stitch. I think your taste in designs are similar to mine!

Cindy F. said...

Beautiful stitching Pauline!! Mary is progressing beautifully and I love your scissor keep progress!
Best of wishes re: your computer:)

Yoyo said...

Love your MaryW, beautiful!! My moves backwards more than forwards it seems. We can wait for your TUSAL, I was very very late for June myself. Your Scissor Keep is look great, sorry yo had to start over. And what an absolute bummer to have have to send your computer in, I just hate that, they never put it back the way I had it and then add junk I don't want. Hope your's comes back in good shape.

CindyMae said...

Your MW is looking gorgeous!! One day I will have time to stitch it! I hope! LOL Love the gift you are stitching as well!

Fidget said...

The MaryW sampler is beautiful! I'm working on "Alison's present" too, in Caron Waterlilies Jade on 28 ct Jobelan. Stitching over one looks to be big enough for 4" embroidery scissors -- I hope! Hope your computer made it back to you safe and sound.