Monday, June 15, 2009

Stash delivery!

My dear friend in the USA gave me gift cards for my birthday.

One was for Vikki Clayton Silks so I ordered the silks I didn't have for Mary Wigham, plus lots of others (added some of my own money towards it!)

I bought up big with the other gift card and will post once all those goodies arrive.

In the meantime, another gift arrived from her. I first saw this chart on Bronny's blog and later she had a competition to give it away. Of course I didn't win it, but lo and behold, it has arrived with all the Cresecent Colours and DMC, plus the fabric! (Bronny, I can't get into your blog anymore:( along with a few other blogs. I'm wandering if it's a widget that's upsetting Internet Explorer...) Anyway, here's what my dear american friend sent too.

Isn't she just the best! Off to fondle those silks now!


Bronny said...

Lovely colours - and lucky you - I know how quickly 'The most patterns' stitches off you go..!! (I'll go and bring my blog back down to basics - I was having IE problems logging onto my blog too) Thanks for letting me know..

Chiloe said...

Nice beautiful gifts : lucky you ;-)

Maybe it's IE that has a problem: you should try using: Firefox or google chrome to browse the internet ;-) Some people can't access my blog either ...

Cindy F. said...

Such wonderful new stash!

Blogger is having a problem with IE and it has to do with their Followers Button. Anyway, it got to the point I couldn't open several blogs, so I switched to Mozilla Firefox yesterday and I love it!! It's free:)

Daffycat said...

I'm having the same problem with some blogs...grrr! Darn it, all my blogs are in IE's reader...I don't wanna switch browsers!