Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Mary Wigham progress

My Mary Wigham is coming along slowly. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at how much there is to stitch each week, when here we are in week 3, about to get week 4, and I haven't finished week two, or even week one.

Memo to self: Must devote more time to stitching and less time reading blogs and finding freebies. Been downloading quilting freebies lately. I have so many freebies to stitch and quilt, that in future years, some one will look at this computer and say 'what was she thinking? One hundred people could never have got through all those freebies, let alone all the stuff she bought'. Oh well, just call me Super Boob, the wishful freebie collecter.

So here's Mary Wigham

I got tired on stitching the big motif in the top left hand corner, so I moved onto another part.

I've also started on Alison's 50th birthday present.

It's a freebie from Tempus Fugit's SALexandre and will eventually be a needlework thingie that I'll fill with needles, floss holders, a floss tag, and scissors, with some slight variations to the original design. The finished photos look stunning, so hopefully mine will be a fitting present for a fellow cross stitcher!

Last weekend, my stitchy friend announced her engagement, with a small wedding to be held later this year. As her only cross stitching friend it will be my self-appointed duty to stitch a wedding sampler for her! I'm going to get her to choose two or three designs she likes and I'll pick one of them to stitch for her wedding (gotta be some surprise in it, but I don't want to stitch something she doesn't like).

Well the boys are out for the day, so for the first time in ages, i have a Saturday all to myself! Yippee, Mary Wighman here I come!


Silverlotus said...

I think your Mary Wigham is looking great. I'm not stitching it right now because I've having a hard enough time keeping up with the Papillion SAL. (Actually, I'm behind on it...)

I'm looking forward to seeing you SALexandre. I will definately stitch it... one day. :)

Deb said...

Your Mary Wigham is looking great - such wonderful colors. And so is your progress on the Tempus Fugit SAL piece. I've got that in my stash pile and a beautiful frame for it when I can find the time to stitch it.

Jan said...

Your MW is looking wonderful! Hope you are enjoying it.

Rose Marie said...

How do you like working with the silk threads? Your MW is coming along ever so nicely!

Chrizette said...

I agree with everyone - the Mary Wigham is looking great!

Janine said...

Hi, You emailed mea bout the Australian contingent to the Mary Wigham SAL. I have set up a Blog Group but have totally forgotten how to make it so people can belong to the group. BTW your MW piece is looking fantastic. I have not had time to start mine yet. You can email me at and tell me how to add etc or if you are very proficient at this blogging gig perhaps you could help me run the SAL and give me some ideas how we can get these Aussie girls to join in and have a bit of fun. I would be happy to provide a few prizes etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jacqueline has given me permission to create an Aussie Mary Wigham SAL site, you can find it at - come along and play!