Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TUSAL Update Time!

Well, I've been stitching more this month, but it doesn't seem to be showing in my bowl. Maybe it's because the bowl is so large that once a small amount goes in, it needs to have a really large amount to make any obvious difference.

It could also be that I'm stitching with Vikki Clayton silks, so I'm being very frugal with my orts. Anyway, if you want to join in the TUSAL click here. Yoyo is giving a small gift to the 100th sign-up, it's at 96 now.

Sorry about the quality of the pic, it's grey and gloomy today.

Well, I'm off to look at everyone else's update, and see who our new members are.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Mary Wigham progress

My Mary Wigham is coming along slowly. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at how much there is to stitch each week, when here we are in week 3, about to get week 4, and I haven't finished week two, or even week one.

Memo to self: Must devote more time to stitching and less time reading blogs and finding freebies. Been downloading quilting freebies lately. I have so many freebies to stitch and quilt, that in future years, some one will look at this computer and say 'what was she thinking? One hundred people could never have got through all those freebies, let alone all the stuff she bought'. Oh well, just call me Super Boob, the wishful freebie collecter.

So here's Mary Wigham

I got tired on stitching the big motif in the top left hand corner, so I moved onto another part.

I've also started on Alison's 50th birthday present.

It's a freebie from Tempus Fugit's SALexandre and will eventually be a needlework thingie that I'll fill with needles, floss holders, a floss tag, and scissors, with some slight variations to the original design. The finished photos look stunning, so hopefully mine will be a fitting present for a fellow cross stitcher!

Last weekend, my stitchy friend announced her engagement, with a small wedding to be held later this year. As her only cross stitching friend it will be my self-appointed duty to stitch a wedding sampler for her! I'm going to get her to choose two or three designs she likes and I'll pick one of them to stitch for her wedding (gotta be some surprise in it, but I don't want to stitch something she doesn't like).

Well the boys are out for the day, so for the first time in ages, i have a Saturday all to myself! Yippee, Mary Wighman here I come!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Stash delivery!

My dear friend in the USA gave me gift cards for my birthday.

One was for Vikki Clayton Silks so I ordered the silks I didn't have for Mary Wigham, plus lots of others (added some of my own money towards it!)

I bought up big with the other gift card and will post once all those goodies arrive.

In the meantime, another gift arrived from her. I first saw this chart on Bronny's blog and later she had a competition to give it away. Of course I didn't win it, but lo and behold, it has arrived with all the Cresecent Colours and DMC, plus the fabric! (Bronny, I can't get into your blog anymore:( along with a few other blogs. I'm wandering if it's a widget that's upsetting Internet Explorer...) Anyway, here's what my dear american friend sent too.

Isn't she just the best! Off to fondle those silks now!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hair-larious Day

It's Hair-larious Day today in South Australia, which raises money for the Childhood Cancer Association. Wear a funny wig or colour your hair!

Here's Nicholas, hair styled by Pauline

Hair by Pauline, look of Edward Cullen (Twilight) by Nicholas

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where's Mary Wigham?

Well, she's going to be here in Adelaide, South Australia. Thanks to the generosity of Jacqueline of Needleprint Mary Wigham will be seen all over the world. It's a nine part SAL, free, but a donation to the Ackworth School would be appreciated, and the first part is now available.

I've chosen my fabric, converted DMC to Vikki Clayton silks (just need to order a few I'm missing), downloaded the chart and made my donation!

I'm set to go! Who else is stitching Mary Wigham?