Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are you a freebie-oholic?

What are ten warning signs of freebie addiction?

Here are freebie-oholism signs that are listed in no special order:

1. Looking at freebies alone online
2. Making excuses or finding excuses to find freebies online
3. Daily or frequent freebie finding needed to function
4. Inability to reduce or stop freebie accumulation
5. Angry episodes associated with not finding freebies online such as discovering the freebie is not there anymore and getting angry that you didn't save it beforehand
6. Finding freebies secretly and not sharing
7. Becoming angry when confronted about the number of freebies stored on computer
8. Poor eating habits- too busy to eat while finding freebies
9. Failure to care for physical appearance- noone sees your hair while you're online
10. Trembling in the morning thinking about finding that first freebie for the day

Additional freebie-oholism signs can include inability to remember some of the events of the previous evening whilst online freebie surfing or feeling anxious in a social situation where there is no freebie sharing.

If the above ten warning signs of feeebie-oholism create an interest in exploring possible freebie addiction, consider contacting your physician, counselor or other qualified professional such as the local cross stitch store owner.

Another time-tested source of help would be contacting Freebie-oholics Anonymous. FA has local groups that meet regularly throughout the USA and many other countries around the world.

No matter how many freebie-oholism signs may exist, it is never too late to begin recovery from freebie addiction. Whether it is one, two or more of the ten warning signs of freebie-oholism - help is available. Obviously, the sooner one begins the recovery process, the better. The first step is acknowledging you have a problem. Then, you need to give up all your freebies.

I CAN give up whenever I want, I just don't want to right now. But I did scare myself the other day when I saw that I had over 1,000 freebies stored... I know I'll never stitch them all, but I never save a freebie that I don't like- I am selective in my freebie addiction- not just any freeebie will do.

How about you? Are you addicted to collecting freebies?


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That was cute!! However, this is one addiction I don't want's about the only "stash" I can afford with not guilt!!!