Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tusal update, a finish and some competition links

Here's my Totally Useless SAL update for this month. Hmmm, not much of an increase, just some floss, some knitting wool (black and orangey) and some linen from fringing my ornaments. BTW, if you are reading the Twilight series, don't read past the competition details, there's a spoiler depending on how far you are into the series.

Since I finished my cross stitch gifts last month, I haven't been stitching much. I tend to stitch more closer to a deadline, and the next major deadline is not until November. I have been knitting though, as soon as the temperature drops I want to get my knitting needles out. I made a blanket for Jack cos he keeps jumping on the lounge or dragging it off to snuggle up on mine which is made of eyelash wool and is really warm and cuddly. I only had 4 balls of eyelash leftover, so it's about 24" square, but Jack doesn't like it. He wont willingly lay on it, and shakes it off if I put it on his bed. So, I've bought 29 balls of eyelash to make him a big one like ours- that dog is spoilt!

I've made 3 little ornaments for the survivors of the Victorian bushfires earlier this year. I haven't quite finished the tops off, I'm going to just somehow put a little gold Kreinik cord on the top. I must finish off the other two I posted a while ago.

It's a freebie by DaffyCat and a quick stitch. Rather cute, I think!

Now, there's a couple of competitions around at the moment, so I thought I'd post the links in case you've missed them. Of course, I want to win them, so I don't really know why I'm letting you know about them lol.

Bronny is giving away I chart I want,

Cindy is giving away 10 charts and

Carolyn is giving away a lovely assortment of stitchy things.

Just editing to add another giveaway- here's Kim's details for a pretty TW chart!

Editing again to add anoth competition- here's BrokenFairy's giveaway!

Next on my list of things to do is to stitch a Twilight bookmark for Nicholas. We're on the 2nd book now, I'm enjoying the reminders of first love and Nicholas likes the scary parts when they happen, and I hope he's getting an understanding about teenage relationships. We both had tears (me trying not to sob) when Edward leaves Bella.

And I'm going to start my gift for Alison in the UK, who doesn't know about my blog yet, otherwise she'll see what I am stitching for her 50th birthday, and just need to order all the floss so it's the same colour. BTW, I went into Spotlight to buy some DMC 500 at $1.29 (yikes) and that 500 is a different colour to my 500 I have at home (2 skeins bought at different times). My 500 is more Christmas green, this was more jade green, and the colours either side are more jade green. Interesting.

Well, of to look at TUSAL updates now!

Update- I'm trying to post to some blogs, but some blogs keep crashing when I open them, so if I haven't commented on your blog lately and I usually do, then your blog could be one that I'm having trouble with. I'm running Vista, and the message keeps saying the IE can't open the site. I send the details off to Microsoft. Anyone else having this problem?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are you a freebie-oholic?

What are ten warning signs of freebie addiction?

Here are freebie-oholism signs that are listed in no special order:

1. Looking at freebies alone online
2. Making excuses or finding excuses to find freebies online
3. Daily or frequent freebie finding needed to function
4. Inability to reduce or stop freebie accumulation
5. Angry episodes associated with not finding freebies online such as discovering the freebie is not there anymore and getting angry that you didn't save it beforehand
6. Finding freebies secretly and not sharing
7. Becoming angry when confronted about the number of freebies stored on computer
8. Poor eating habits- too busy to eat while finding freebies
9. Failure to care for physical appearance- noone sees your hair while you're online
10. Trembling in the morning thinking about finding that first freebie for the day

Additional freebie-oholism signs can include inability to remember some of the events of the previous evening whilst online freebie surfing or feeling anxious in a social situation where there is no freebie sharing.

If the above ten warning signs of feeebie-oholism create an interest in exploring possible freebie addiction, consider contacting your physician, counselor or other qualified professional such as the local cross stitch store owner.

Another time-tested source of help would be contacting Freebie-oholics Anonymous. FA has local groups that meet regularly throughout the USA and many other countries around the world.

No matter how many freebie-oholism signs may exist, it is never too late to begin recovery from freebie addiction. Whether it is one, two or more of the ten warning signs of freebie-oholism - help is available. Obviously, the sooner one begins the recovery process, the better. The first step is acknowledging you have a problem. Then, you need to give up all your freebies.

I CAN give up whenever I want, I just don't want to right now. But I did scare myself the other day when I saw that I had over 1,000 freebies stored... I know I'll never stitch them all, but I never save a freebie that I don't like- I am selective in my freebie addiction- not just any freeebie will do.

How about you? Are you addicted to collecting freebies?

Friday, May 15, 2009

A boy and his dog

I was going to post about my craft corner, but when I saw the pics I took, the reality of how untidy it was hit home, so I won't be posting until I've had a bit of a tidy up!

So, here's my sweet 11 yo Nicholas with Jack, aka Jackie Chan cos he prances around on his back legs so much. Notice so I don't say anything nice about Jack. I caught him with my TUSAL floss in his mouth, must have dropped some onto the floor. Why is it such a big deal? Cos I haven't got much to contribute so far this month....

I guess I'll be watching patiently to ensure that the floss to make it's way out- thankfully it wasn't much!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

15 Years is not enough...

Last week I turned 45 (yikes- where did that time go?) and I started thinking. I realised that if I live to the same age that my dad did, I only have 15 years left.

The thought of only being here for another 15 years with Nicholas, breaks my heart, as he would only be 26 if I die then. Steve would survive, even though I imagine he would be upset, but he would remarry and move on. But a boy needs his mother, just like girls do. Then I realised that if I lived as long as my mum did, it would mean only 19 years.

So, my commitment to myself, is to stop carrying this extra weight and start exercising.

Because I don't want to die early from heart disease, or breast cancer.

Because 15 years is not long enough.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just call me Super-Boob!

Late last year, I bought two new bras. Same style, different colours. Smooth, lightly padded plain front so that a clean line is obtained under t-shirts. You know what I mean- no nips showing (I hate mine showing).

Last month, I felt this sharp pain under my left boob, and discovered that somehow, the underwire had broken in two and a sharp end was poking out about two thirds of the way around the cup. Now, I don't know about you, but usually the underwire starts peeking out the end of the middle or the underarm side of the bra and usually is in one piece. So, this was a new experience to have it in two pieces, but I figured that even though I use a lingerie bag, somehow it must have got snagged in the washing machine. So, out went the bra sadly, with just the black version remaining.

So, last night, I'm watching Nicholas swim and I drop floss on the floor. I bend over to pick it up and 'snap' - there goes the underwire under my left boob. Broken again, in two. Same side.

I'm confused. The underwire is made of, well, wire. It's not plastic. So, the only conclusion I can come to, is that my left boob must be really strong. It's broken wire in two!

Now, we no longer need to use a saw or cutters to cut wire in half, I can just pop it under my left boob, and presto- cut in two. If I worked in a hardware store, I could get extra er, tips, for my wire cutting skills. And just imagine if I can get my right boob to perform something too...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A light-hearted look at swine flu

Firstly, I apologise for any distress this might cause those who have lost loved ones from influenza, swine or otherwise.

These little guys are life size sculptures in Rundle Mall, in the main city business district here in Adelaide. They usually command attention as they look so life-like at first glance.

Rundle Mall is close to Adelaide University, and rumour has it that this is the work of uni students with too much time on their hands.

What I found quite amusing about this picture, is the little boy in the background having a peek under the pig's mask! Not sure what he was expecting to find...