Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Uh-oh, what's going on?

Hmmm, just logged on after a lengthy absence, only to find that all the blogs I have saved to watch have disappeared. Then when I relogged in, they were back again.

I'm so confused...and relieved!

I've finally got my sewing machine out and washed all my finishes- 9 in total. I finished 2 more very recently and found one I'd forgotten about (anyone else put finishes away and forget about them?) Some are going to be framed, but most are being wall hangings. The camera is away in Canberra with Steve, so I'll take some pics when he comes back.

No news to report on the reading of the book on puberty, and thankfully no questions. There has been a rather proud moment of displaying newly grown hair, much to the amusement of moi!

We are reading Twilight together (Nicholas's request), but I'm not sure how long Nicholas will stay interested in the love story, however I'm sure the vampire part will keep him enthralled.

By the way, I joined the Totally Useless SAL. Seeing as I usually stitch right down to the last inch or so, it has been quite a challenge to let go of my frugal habit, but I'm quite pleased with my effort and am looking forward to showing off my results.

Happy stitching, I'm off to read blogs!

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Yoyo said...

I've been reading backwards since my last visit, some great WIPS and finsihes too. I did the "Childproofed my House" design last year...gotta love that one. DS rolls her eyes at it every time she brings my grandchildren over, LOL. Yes, I have been known to put a finished piece aside and not remember it for quite awhile! Often, in fact.