Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We're having a heatwave, a blinkin' heatwave

It is sooo hot. It's going to be 44c which is roughly 111f. And that's in the shade. It's soo hot, even the website for our local temperature is down, or maybe just crashed due to the amount of people trying to find out it's hot. I know how hot it is, it's blinkin' hot.

Jack found a dying bird yesterday and wanted to bring it inside. Gave him that high pitched scream, whilst having visions of him running past me through the open door, letting go of the bird inside and me trying to catch it. So I had to outrun him around the other side of the house to close the door- no mean feat either, considering how fast he runs and I don't. Although I did do Wii Fit in the morning, so maybe that helped!

I thought I'd post my current wip, which isn't on my 'to do list'. It's Debbie Draper's 'Love is in the air', stitched on the suggested 32ct 'Chablis' linen by Picture This Plus, using the suggested Carrie's Creation Threads 'Masquerade'. Fabric is a bit too un-evenweave and I'm having trouble finding the holes. Maybe it's my eyes. I haven't stitched on 32ct for a while. Anyway, it's my wedding anniversary next Wednesday, 14 years of blessed bliss, well most of the time. So, due to the heat, it's a good day to stitch.

So, before I self-combust, I bid you farewell.


Bronny said...

1- Were you able to catch and dispose of the bird?

2- How do you manage to stitch in the heat - I get too sweaty to sit sill...

PaulineD said...

Bronny, I couldn't find the bird when I went back, so it might have flown off, or hidden behind the bushes. There were a group of birds trying to peck Jack when I first saw it, so maybe they helped it escape??

And secondly, I have the a/c going and sit in my underwear!!!