Monday, January 26, 2009

Jack's favourite floss

Jack, our 2yo crazy Jack Russell, gets into everything. However, because he hates the high pitched scream I make when I find him munching on things he has left my cross stitch stash alone lately.

But, this takes the cake (he does that too). And it was Nicholas that made the high pitched scream when he discovered this, because he knows that mum does not like anyone messing with her cross stitch stuff (he learnt this at a young age).

Upon hearing Nicholas's high pitched scream, this is what I discovered -

Notice the 'clumpy' bit? That's what he was chewing on. Notice the long 'stringy' bit? That's what he had stuck in his teeth. Kinda hard to pretend he's not done anything when the evidence is hanging out his mouth, Sigh.

At least he has good taste. It WAS Vikki Clayton's silk -Goldrush. It felt nice too, before all the slobber. Oh well. Perhaps I should visit Vikki's site and buy some more.

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Bronny said...

The question much do you love the dog? Mine has only done it to possibly 2 skeins of DMC that I'm aware of. I think he's learnt his lesson over that episode too.